Joy Delima, Minne Koole, Chris Peters, Abbey Hoes, Charlie Chan Dagelet and Benja Bruijning starring in Dutch original series Dirty Lines

Today Netflix announced the cast for the new Dutch Netflix original series: Dirty Lines. Main characters in the Dutch language series are Joy Delima, Minne Koole, Chris Peters, Charlie Chan Dagelet, Abbey Hoes and Benja Bruijning.

The cast also includes Julia Akkermans, Yari van der Linden, Joes Brauers, André Dongelmans, Ayla Çekin Satijn, Laura Bakker, Pip Lieke Lucas, Casper Nusselder, Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld en Eric van Sauers.

About Dirty Lines
The 6 episode story of Dirty Lines starts in 1987s Amsterdam, at a time when Dutch society was changing rapidly. Psychology student Marly Salomon takes on a side job working for a brand new firm: Teledutch - a company started by two brothers, Frank and Ramon Stigter, who established Europe’s first erotic telephone lines. Frank and Ramon become rich overnight and Marly finds herself immersed in this wild and rapid transformation.

The final years of the Cold War sparked a sense of hope and inspired a new generation to celebrate life to its fullest. Amsterdam became the center of that cultural revolution with a radically new form of music: house and a new love drug: XTC. The erotic phone lines offer the opportunity to experience anonymous sex in a new way, changing the morality of its consumers, but also very much the people creating it.

Dirty Lines is produced by Fiction Valley and created by Pieter Bart Korthuis, directed together with Tomas Kaan and Anna van der Heide.

Launching globally on Netflix in 2022.

Main Cast - Bios
Marly - Joy Delima
Joy graduated at the Artez Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2019. During her study, Joy could be seen in various plays with Toneelgroep Oostpool and Het Nationale Theater, which led to a nomination for the Colombina, a prestige theatre award for most impressive female contributing role. She landed a permanent appointment at Ivo van Hove’s International Theater Amsterdam in 2020. She portrayed different (lead) roles in various plays such as Medea, Flight 49 and Romeo&Julia there. On television Joy could be seen in the successful series Flikken Rotterdam. Joy is also a writer and a columnist for Volkskrant Magazine.

Frank - Minne Koole
Minne Koole made his film debut in the feature film Open Seas, in this book adaptation he played the leading role, which earned him a Golden Calf nomination for 'Best Actor'. He was also seen in the first Dutch Netflix Original Ares, he played the young Holleeder in the TV series Judas and he played a leading role in the drama series Thuisfront. This year Minne can also be seen on stage in the performance Girls Grab The Boys from De Toneelmakerij and Children from Nora at International Theater Amsterdam.

Ramon - Chris Peters
Chris Peters graduated in 2017 from the Amsterdam School of Arts. He can be seen in the movies Smartlap, Niemand in de Stad and Tonio, and played a role in the series Penoza, Moordvrouw and Verborgen Verhalen. Peter is also active in theatres with a leading role in Turks Fruit and roles in Wolven Huilen Niet Alleen and Romeo & Julia.

Anoek - Abbey Hoes
Abbey received musical lessons at the Hofplein Youth Theater, where she learned the principles of singing, dance and drama. Her first roles were, amongst others, in SpangaS, The Year Zero. Abbey had leading roles in Maite Was Hier (nominated for a Gouden Kalf) and Koning van Katoren. In 2012, she started acting at the Theater School in Amsterdam and won a Gouden Kalf for best actress. She also played a role in movies like Zwaar Verliefd!, Verliefd Op Cuba, Gek van Oranje, Nena, Razend and Tirza.

Natasja - Charlie Chan Dagelet
Charlie-Chan Dagelet started her acting career on stage with Toneelgroep Amsterdam. She played in the Summer Trilogy, Scenes from a marriage, In disgrace and Naar Buwowski. She played leading roles in feature films such as Happy end, Vox Populi, Loft, Homies, In limbo, Boy meets gun, Penoza and the short film Houvast, in which she shows her musical side on the cello. She can also be seen in the television series Mocro Mafia, Hoogvliegers, Commando's and the NTR series Zusjes. She can also currently be seen in the production Laura H. van Oostpool.

Leon - Benja Bruijning
From an early age on Benja (1983) has played roles in various films and TV series, debuting in Dichter op de Zeedijk. After graduating from the Academy of Dramatic and Performing Arts in Amsterdam in 2008, Benja landed roles in several popular Dutch TV series and films. His big success was Alles Is Familie, but he could also be seen in films like Hartenstraat en De Bende van Oss, or in tv series such as Heirs of the Night, Van God Los, Vechtershart and Follow de SOA.