New BNNVARA comedy series ‘Deep Shit’ starts recording

Jennifer Hofman and Fockeline Ouwerkerk in a comic-criminal rollercoaster

This week the recording of ‘Deep Shit’ has started, a new BNNVARA comedy series starring Jennifer Hoffman and Fockeline Ouwerkerk. They came up with the initiative for this series together with Fiction Valley. Deep Shit will be broadcasted this fall at BNNVARA on NPO3.

‘Deep Shit’ is about the unwillingness to friendship between two Vinex women who find each other in their annoyances about average life. They decide to take a different route together. The series thus defies all conventions of the young, settled family life.

After a confronting meeting in the supermarket, Sara and Veerle realize how terribly they’re stuck in their own boring lives. An exciting double life seems to be the solution, but that is totally getting out of hand. While they must keep up appearances at home, they get stuck in an unintended criminal adventure.

Cast: Jennifer Hoffman, Fockeline Ouwerkerk, Sieger Sloot, André Dongelmans, Tarik Moree, Ayla Çekin Satijn
Script: Dirk van Pelt en Lucas de Waard
Director: Jamille van Wijngaarden

‘Deep Shit’ is a co-production of Fiction Valley and BNNVARA.