Potlood Paus, Taxi and Samira are back: very first images ruthless fifth season Videoland Original 'Mocro Maffia'

After the release of the movie 'Mocro Maffia: Tatta', in which it finally became clear what the character Tatta has been doing all this time and what awaits him and Tonnano, among others, in the upcoming season, this long-awaited fifth season of 'Mocro Maffia ' from June 2 at Videoland. The new season of the fictional series, which is more intense and harder than ever, can be seen weekly and consists of seven episodes. View the very first images here!

The fifth season of the series 'Mocro Maffia' is written by Victor D. Ponten, Randy Oost, Kevin Boitelle, Achmed Akkabi and Sergej Groenhart, is directed by David Eilander and Hesdy Lonwijk and produced by Fiction Valley.