Sterre Koning sings theme song BFF-film Jackie & Oopjen

The multi-talented Sterre Koning, known for her performances in the Junior Eurovision Songfestival (2016) and The Voice Kids (2018), the movie Whitestar and her book ‘STERRE: Waarom wachten tot je later groot bent?!’ (2019), has been operating as a singer, a tv-host, an actress and influencer for years. Besides that she has over 600.000 followers online. She sings the catchy theme song of the adventurous BFF-film Jackie & Oopjen, which will be in Dutch theatres on October 14th. The hilarious film starts off with a special encounter in the Rijksmuseum, where Oopjen steps out of the famous Rembrandt painting and comes to life. Jackie decides to help Oopjen with a special quest. Jackie and Oopjen develop a beautiful friendship and even become BFF’s. Together they experience hilarious moments, but also find themselves having to tackle some obstacles. You can listen to the catchy English theme song GIRLS now!

Sterre: “When I was called by the filmmakers of Jackie & Oopjen, I couldn’t wait to start working on it in the studio. GIRLS is a happy song about friendship and about enjoying life. It suits the film perfectly. Nina Houston and Remix are also in the music video, which was recorded in the heart of Amsterdam, just like the film. Girlpower!”

The music of GIRLS was written by Alex van Dijk and international producer Albert Harvey, who has collaborated with artists like David Guetta, Armin van Buuren and Iggy Azelea. The lyrics were written by Sophie Simmons, daughter of singer and bass player Gene Simmons (KISS).

From today the catchy Jackie & Oopjen themesong ‘GIRLS’ is available on various streaming services:

JACKIE EN OOPJEN | in theatres October 14th
The 12-year-old Jackie (Frouke Verheijde) feels right at home at the Rijksmuseum. Her mother Mouna (Karina Smulders) works there as a curator. When the famous Rembrandt paintings of Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit are displayed, something miraculous happens. When Jackie walks by their portraits after closing time, the eyes of Oopjen (Sarah Bannier) follow her. Jackie thought she’d just imagined it, but it turns out to be real. All of a sudden Oopjen is standing in front of her, but Jackie doesn’t want anything to do with her. She thinks she is an actress dressed up as Oopjen. But shortly after that, Jackie finds out she is telling the truth. Oopjen stepped out of the painting, because she mistook Jackie for her long lost sister Aeltje. When Oopjen realizes she made a mistake, she is distraught. But tough Jackie has a big heart and is used to solving everyone’s problems anyway. She takes Oopjen home in secret, so that they can go looking for the painting of her long lost sister. But will the unworldly Oopjen be able to hide for Jackie’s mom? And will Oopjen be able to return to the painting? You will get the answers to all of these questions when you watch the happy family film Jackie & Oopjen. October 14th in theatres!